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Airline seating advice


I just heard your advice about how to get more leg room on airlines.

Rudy, I wish you wouldn't suggest exit rows as a strategy for getting extra leg room. I admit that you cited the requirements for exit row seating (ability to remove the doors, no children, etc.) I've been on too many planes where people in the exit rows would clearly be unable to do the job of handling the door if called upon to do so.

I ask for an exit row because of safety concerns. I'm physically fit and mechanically inclined. I'm a pilot and not easily flustered. I know that I can manhandle a door. I review the safety procedure card on every flight. I think we'd all be lots better off in the event of an emergency if I'm in that exit row. If I can't be in an exit row I want somebody who is fit and takes the job seriously, not just someone who wants a few extra inches.




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