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Airlines Treatment

In late January the Atlanta airport was all but closed with a snow forecast. My flight to Bulgaria was re-schedule for the next day. The routing was changed from Air France on the Paris to Sofia connection to Bulgarian airlines.

I do not speak French. But, in the Paris airport the Air France ticket agents went out of their way to help me make the changes and to reissue the tickets and even helped me transfer the baggage and find the connection to the Bulgarian flight. Note what I am saying. I was in Paris, France, dealing with French airlines and me with no French language skills, they were wonderful (this adventure involved about five staffers.)

I lived in Europe for the better part of ten years and have traveled into France on many occasions, outside of Paris the people are extremely helpful and friendly. But my past adventures in Paris brought out all the stories of those haughty people looking down the nose at those that do not speak French. This recent experience in Paris at the airport debunked all the previous bad experiences. Maybe it is a kinder more gentle world of airline travel that we are seeing?




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