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Poor and immoral taste

I listened to your program for the first, and probably last, time on Saturday, 1 April. Your "embarrassing moment" with Cathy from Cleveland was initially just in poor taste (our having to hear her nude parading through the hotel due to sleepwalking). But then Cathy informs us that she returns to her room to get back in bed nude next to her boyfriend. Everything is just cool.

No sense that perhaps some of your listeners might find this act immoral, as our society largely did until the corrupting influences of the media, etc. helped to steer us down the path of immorality. (Remember when one had to show a marriage license to the front desk?)

No sense that you are setting a bad and irresponsible example for young people, who are explicitly being encouraged to imitate such conduct. As a representative of broadcasting, and public broadcasting, don't you feel any sense of responsibility for your message?

You should be ashamed of yourself for contributing to the corruption of America and for assuming that your viewers are so morally callous that they simply buy into the mores which you have apparently accepted because your media world has instructed you to. I am also complaining to your boss(es) at NPR. It is YOU who should be embarrassed.



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