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Crossing the border anecdote

My husband and I have a commuter marriage between India and the States (and now between Germany and India, I'm on my sabbatical here) and we have a 3 year old and an 8 year old.

A few years back, when we were visiting India, with the then 1 year old, I felt that I had to take back a whole bunch of diapers (they sell them in India but they are exorbitantly priced). However, the customs officer shocked me when he said that all our other household items were used and hence not dutiable, but since these diapers were new, we had to pay duty on them!! I tried to convince him that it was hard to work with "used" disposable diapers but he didn't believe me and we had to pay the duty.

The good news is that when we tried to smuggle some in last year, we were caught but the duty officer had since then seen many disposable diapers and we didn't have to pay.



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