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Noisy children/airplanes

Hi. I was listening to the program about traveling with children. Well, I am a preschool teacher, I love kids, really I do. But when I travel I find the uncontrolled noises on planes just too much! So, I have found that if you take a soft set of ear plugs along, what a difference it can make. You can even take one of the plugs, cut it in half and get a very nice "distance" from the noise. It's not just kids who make noise, you know.... but they sure can add to it.

And I give all adults permission to politely ask the parents of the children who are kicking the seats, to please stop it. There's nothing more annoying. If that doesn't work, get the stewardess to move either you or them. Why not? You've paid for it....

Back to the ear plug issue: I have taken the 1/2 plugs to concerts with much the same relief. It just takes the edge off of all loud noises and you can still hear what's going on with no loss of quality (at least I think so).

Thanks for a terrific show. We really enjoy listening and traveling.



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