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Rudy, You Need More RAM on that Dell Laptop

Regarding your latest comments on Marketplace about "Little Murders": laptop batteries take a beating when the hard drive, CD-ROM or 3.5" floppy are accessed. Hard drives in particular drain laptop batteries when laptops don't have enough RAM.

When Windows runs out of physical RAM is creates virtual RAM on the hard drive. This is referred to as "paging" or "swapping". Virtual RAM activity causes a hard drive to operate almost without pause in some cases, thus draining the battery within an hour.

Bring that laptop up to 128 MB of RAM and Windows will barely "speak" to the hard drive. My Dell Latitude batteries (two plugged in at the same time) provide 7-8 hours of service with 128 MB of RAM. There are a few other tweaks that help, especially a well defragged hard drive.

Happy Travels,



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