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World's Worst Drivers

When I was listening to Savvy Traveler this week, Rudy asked about the world's worst drivers. They have to be in Haiti.

In the early 80's I cruised with two fellow teachers. When we docked in Haiti, we decided to hire our own driver to take us to the rum factory instead of paying big bucks for the cruise- sponsored tour.

We hired this happy-go-lucky driver in a car that had to be right out of the fifties. The trip to the factory was a bit hairy, but not altogether scary. While we were sampling and purchasing rum, the driver must have been doing the same. The trip back down the mountain was the ride from Hades! This guy sped (no brakes, evidently) down the mountain in the middle of the road with the horn blaring all the way. My friends and I were in the back seat clutching hands and praying (they were both widows of Methodist ministers).

We did arrive back at the ship in time to depart. We were a bit wind-blown (no air conditioning), a bit car sick (from being slung back and forth and maybe from the rum samples) and scared to death. It was certainly one of the memorable events of the trip.




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