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Women Traveling Alone

Dear Rudy,

I have almost exclusively traveled alone the past 30 years. I have just returned from the Galapagos on tour with 15 neighbors. It was a big mistake.

Every time I would explore by myself everyone was worried something happened to me. I could not even take my time composing photographic subjects. Signing up for this trip must have been one of those senior moments from the last tour I took as a teenager and swore I'd never do again.

I have traveled alone all through the Caribbean, and the easiest place of all the South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Solomons, French Polynesia and the best of all The Cooks. Everywhere people were helpful and pleasant. In Huahine, I stayed to take Tahitian dance lessons. In the Solomons I sidetracked to visit a rainforest herbalist. In the Hunter Valley wine country of Australia I was invited to a vintner's house for dinner. In the Cooks I could go anywhere and everywhere anytime I wanted. In the Caribbean I "side tracked" for four years and lived on a private island. Island time will do that...leisurely pass away.

Yes, this is "soft" traveling. I learned by a very bad experience in Mexico not to travel by myself in Latin Countries.




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