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A Belated Fib

Back when my wife and I, the indulgent young travelers we were, booked to fly from our then-home in Anchorage to Minnesota for vacation. For some reason we took our dog, Katy.

Our flight was delayed. After a wait, we were told the reason was mechanical difficulties. I called Northwest Airlines and tried to get on a different flight, but they wouldn't budge. The delay grew longer and I grew hotter. Finally, I called their customer service in Minnesota and told them that we were taking our show dog to a national event and if she were too upset by the trip she might not perform well. Her value as a breeding pooch might be ruined.

(Of course, we were conscientious pet owners and Katy had long been fixed.)

The talk accomplished two things: 1) My wife and I were bumped to first class 2) I got to take food and water to Katy, who had been sitting in the cargo area of the plane for hours.

And the best part -- I caught Northwest Airlines in a fib. While walking out to feed the pooch when I heard that the trouble was not mechanical, but that they could not find the crew. Turns out the wait was for Northwest to get another 757 crew up to Anchorage from Seattle.




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