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Romance on the Road

Just after graduating from college, I went to Europe for the summer. It was in the 60s and I was on a tour part of the time. In Milan, we visited a cameo factory to view how the jewelry is made. I purchased a necklace for my goddaughter and struck up a conversation with the owner's son. He asked me to dinner and I accepted. When he came to pick me up that evening, he had a pair of earrings as a gift for me. We drove around Milan in his little sports car and I experienced the thrill of Italian driving, ate real Milanese pizza and enjoyed myself tremendously.

He asked me to join him the next evening as well. But the second night I sat in the hotel lobby for two hours waiting for him and watching Italian television (which I did not understand). He never showed up and I never heard from him. So I have the memories of one lovely evening and a pair of beautiful cameo earrings which I wear to this day.




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