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Monastic Vacations

I spent vacation in the middle of Greece at monasteries several years ago. It was great; I was able to spend several days at the monastery of Rossaneau in the midst of Metora. Each monastery had a history of hundreds of years and it was a time of rest and reflection. I was given a small "job" to fill my day if I was not traveling.

These monasteries are not for men only but most of them are designed for women only (to spend the night) although any one can visit throughout the day. There are too functions of the Orthodox monastic. One is to pray, the other is to offer hospitality. This was a very special vacation for me, and a monastic friend of mine once told me that I needed to write about this experience since very few people in America ever experience this!

Also although I have not been to Mount Athos, I do have a correction: There are monasteries of the various Orthodox ethnic traditions there. They are not all Greek! Some even have fluent English speaking monks there.




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