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Fibs Told on the Road

Listen up, girls of the road: A girlfriend and I used to cruise Colorado and Wyoming highways in search of great mountains, resort towns and all that they offered. Naturally we met a lot of fellas, cowboys and otherwise, and, naturally, we needed some form of security.

Enter Duke, my friend's German Shepherd, a nasty-looking pooch who actually had a big heart and a tiny temper. Unfortunately, Duke also had a small brain, and jumped out of the car window one day, leaving us with a job opening for a security man. What to do? We created The Legend of Duke. Every time someone asked to escort us back to our motel, we said, "We have to go back and feed our German Shepherd, Duke. He's very large and very nasty and has to have a huge dinner right on schedule or he gets even meaner than he usually is..."

We had no problems. RIP, Duke.



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