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Enduring Friendships Through Travel

OK, this isn't a lifelong relationship. We only met this couple last summer, but the connection was instantaneous.

My husband and I flew to Zurich to join an Untour (great program!) in Locarno in the Ticino region of Switzerland. To get to Locarno from Zurich we had to take the train, and it turned out to be three different trains, which we hadn't expected.

The Untours on-site person in Zurich pointed out to us another couple making the same journey we were, so we sat across the aisle from each other on the first train. By the second train, we were getting pretty darn hungry but there didn't seem to be food anywhere on the train. I had saved two little cheese-and-cracker packets from the air flight and got them out of my carry-on.

My husband and I were ravenous but couldn't sit there eating while the other couple salivated. So we gave them one of the little packets, and we all sat there eating crackers and cheese, everybody chewing slowly and savoring each precious morsel. Our friends happened to have two small bottles of water and gave us one of them. What a feast the four of us had! Four crackers, two pieces of cheese, and two bottles of water. Nothing ever tasted better.

We were instant friends for the rest of the two weeks of Untour. We did move on to higher culinary experiences--such as the search for the best gelato in the Ticino (Movenpick).

We haven't seen each other since Switzerland, but we have been in email and phone contact, and I expect we'll be friends from this point on.

My husband and I really enjoy your show.




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