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American Airlines Air Fares

Recently I was trying to book a trip from Michigan to Ontario, CA. I have found that by using a "travel" dot-com program I can get more options than it is fair to ask a travel agent to lookup. So I was using Travelocity to look up fares.

After looking at several options I choose to book an American Airlines flight, price $214.00. I'm not willing to pay with credit cards over the Internet. So I called American to confirm the pricing and was told it was good. They even helped me choose the flights that fit my schedule best. I needed to match my travel schedule so I waited until the next morning to book.

I called my travel agent and asked her to book the flights for me. She couldn't find the fares. So, I called America Airlines and reconfirmed the flights and pricing. They told me the that my $214.00 fare was still good. I thanked them and told them I would book the flights through my travel agent. They assured me that she would get the same fare.

When I called the agent she again could not get the $214.00 fair, with the same flights, in fact, she came up with a $400.00(approximate) fair.

Okay, fine, so I would book direct with American. When I called them back I was quoted a $500.00 (approximate) fare. I explained what had happened and they told me that the $214.00 fare was sold out.

Being a "doubting Thomas" I hung up and called American again. This time I was quoted $710.00 for the same flights. The ticket agent told me those flight times did not qualify for the discounted fares. When told her that I had asked for those exact flights and was quoted the $214.00 fare she again said the best she could do was $710.00.

Okay, I am now getting the run around and know it.

One more time I call American Airlines and ask for the same flights. This time they quoted me a $586.00 fare.

I did book tickets to Ontario, on American West. I was able to find a better fare using Travelocity than their agent was, but at least she tried to find a better fare and was friendly.

I got a run-around by American Airlines. I travel a lot (flyers programs with - Northwest, United, U.S. Airways, TWA, and American West, averaging about 5,000 miles per month) and have never had any problems like this before.



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