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More Bus Tours

Traveling on a bus does not conjure up romantic images of carefree adventure. For many of us, bus travel may present as the key element of a trip to Hell. My own experiences have been on bumpy roads at times. While returning from a white water rafting trip in West Virginia our group's charter coach lost a passenger at a rest stop (she hitchhiked backed to Columbus, arriving hours before we did). I also recall a nighttime journey on a Greyhound bus with a group of people who appeared to be on the way to a casting call for a prison movie. On the opposite end, the most enjoyable memories of my elementary school years involve jumping on to a school bus for field trips.

These experiences contributed to mixed emotions when I pondered riding a bus around New Zealand. Although I was uncertain, my decision came down to dollars and sense. A bus pass was much cheaper than hiring a car and since I was traveling alone, I would not need to worry about juggling driving (on the wrong side of the road), reading a map and taking in the scenery all at once. My first bus odyssey went extremely well. I meet many great people, saved a load of money and avoided countless hassles. I have been hooked since then.

Possible bus trips can be found on the following Web sites:

This is a sample of some sites on the World Wide Web that allow people to travel the world either physically or mentally. If you do decide to jump on a bus, have a great time and enjoy leaving the driving to someone else. I'll keep an eye out for you.




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