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Stranded on Island

I found it! The PERFECT island on which to be stuck! And once, a long time ago (1990), I had the great good fortune to do so (on purpose - a vacation). Just imagine: no phones, no TV, no radio (sorry!), no computer hook-up...not even easy electrical hook-up...and even the local language stopped us from communicating with anyone but each other! The perfect lovers retreat.

Since it's hard to guess where I'm talking about, I'll give you some hints. It is an island, very small, very remote. Getting there is half the fun! It takes a couple of long train rides, a few ferry rides, and a car (or in our case, mopeds - which were driven on the wrong side). No landing strips nearby. It is known as the Asian Galapagos, and for good reasons. Tropical in looks, delightful in local manners. Coral reef diving to your heart's content. Fresh seafood - only sometimes unidentifiable - and not another American or English speaker for a thousand miles!

Give up? It's the beautiful and remote island of Kakeroma located in the Amami-Oshima group of island off Southern Japan (Kagoshima prefecture). Warm breezes sing you to sleep, as you settle onto your futon in a little A-frame cabin on the beach. Outsiders are so rare that everyone treats you like royalty (a real rarity for Americans in this day and age!).

The fishing is delightful, and waiting for a nibble is even better -- sun and lots of it. Time to read, time to snuggle, time to talk. A wonderful place if ever there was one. And just the place I'd love to get stuck (with my husband, of course) for another vacation. Eden reclaimed (including the snake! Here the deadly Habu reside, so no night time wanderings allowed). I know, the last bit of information will probably keep the masses away from my hide-away. But to me, that's not such a bad idea! In this case, the LESS the merrier!




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