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The Strangest Food, from Another Perspective

I enjoyed your piece about strange foods, and found that an equally interesting question would be to find out what other cultures find just plain odd and strange about our food. For example, in China (and even the Western-conscious Hong Kong), the very concept of cheese is most definitely strange.

Not only is the taste suspiciously rancid to their tongue, but the process of making cheese is sure to make most shudder. It is, after all, nothing more than forcibly expressed bodily fluids coagulated with the scrapings of the intestinal tract of said animal. Not very appetizing, when you come to think of it!

And by the way, the durian fruit has, I think, been best described by a British journalist (the name escapes me now, unfortunately) as eating a warm garlic custard over an open London Sewer in the summer time.




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