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Many years ago, on a Delta flight from Dallas to Washington, D.C., about two-thirds of the way there we hit extremely turbulent weather. I learned then the meaning of the term "to be buffeted" and there was great consternation among the passengers, particularly when the flight attendants were instructed to buckle themselves into their seats. With lights flashing and alerts dinging, the loudspeaker squawked and the pilot announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to inform you that we will not make it..."

This was interrupted by loud and prolonged static and more shuddering of the airplane. I could see everyone levitate about an inch as tension gripped the crowd. More squawking ensued, and then the pilot's voice came through, "...to National Airport on time, so the attendants will attempt to serve you all a snack as soon as conditions permit them to unstrap and leave their seats."

I'm sure there are many people in your listening audience who have funny or confusing or enlightening experiences connected to what they heard or thought they heard on public address systems the world over.

Keep up the grand tour for us. We all love it.




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