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Trip to Israel

Nancy Updike's report on her and Adam's trip to Israel was one of the finest jobs of reporting and writing either of us has heard, seen or read in any communications medium. It was absolutely wonderful.

We visited Israel in 1971 two years after we got married. Like Nancy and Adam, one of us is Jewish (Sandy, short for Samuel) and one of us is Christian (Jane). We can remember visiting Ein Gedi, Masada, Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea among other places mentioned. We don't know if you have to be Jewish, or married to a Jew, or have visited Israel, to appreciate this story, but we thought it was wonderful. Thank you so very much for it.

Nancy was wonderful and her report was wonderful and we are both grateful to public radio for still another great experience in the vast wasteland that is the rest of radio. We are grateful as well to your sponsors.

We are both retired, have done a good bit of traveling, and thank you for your wonderful program.

Jane and Sandy



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