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Delta Frequent Flier Miles

I am still shaking when I think about this, but...

I was helping my mother book reservations using her Delta Frequent Flier miles on United. About 10 days ago we booked a reservation so she could fly with us from Denver to Boston to attend her granddaughter's wedding and then return from the Baltimore/ Washington area to Denver 10 days later. They were holding the reservation until 10/31.

I totally forgot about it until the afternoon of 11/1. (Entirely my mistake.) I called Delta back: the first person I spoke with said there were no frequent flier seats available for the flight, but offered a Delta flight that would take her from Denver to Dallas, then 1 1/2 hour wait and on to Boston. An extra 3 hours of travel time that is not compatible on the outbound with our plans.

BY THE WAY, MY MOTHER IS AN AMAZING 90 YEAR OLD, but she has had her share of medical problems in the past.



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