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Canceled Flight

Angry, frustrated. and disappointed! This is only a brief description of my mood after being left without reserved shuttle TWA transportation to Kennedy International where my husband and I were to connect with an international flight to China.

The shuttle flight time was 6:10 p.m. initially. Then at flight time we were informed,that a flight delay of one half hour was necessary because of "mechanical problems." Again in another hour we were informed that there would be another delay and then again another announced delay meaning we had no chance of connecting with our 10:l0 p.m. flight out of Kennedy.

We returned home saddened and very stressed as our three weeks planned tour of China was demolished. If we had been notified of the inability of TWA to honor our reservation we would have had ample time to obtain ground transportation to Kennedy. We were among many scheduled for connecting international flights to suffer this misfortune and heard other passengers' comments to the effect that TWA cancels flights if insufficient number of passengers are not scheduled for the flight.




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