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Scandinavian Hitchhiking

After graduating from High School I traveled to Europe alone for about three months, for some soul searching and life experience. As may be expected, many other people of all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds were doing some of the same.

I shortly met up with another young American that was traveling alone too, and the two of us decided to head up through Scandinavia to try and connect with a family that he knew through an exchange program. We ended up hitching a ride from a wonderful Swedish woman in a VW bus, who ended up taking us to her home in rural Sweden for a nights stay and some food. The hospitality this woman shared was so genuine and real that we felt like we were being treated as family.

After a two-night stay, in our own cabin none the less, she invited us to come back and visit, or even work for a while if we so desired. My friend arranged to stop back by in a while for an extended stay and work. She then took us to a main road out of town so that we could continue our trek north in trying to cross the Arctic Circle....




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