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Life Lessons While Traveling

There are several that come to mind in my years of traveling!

Ireland: Life can run as a slower, easier pace. Compared to the U.S.A., life is less hectic. being the hurried tourist from the U.S.A., typical directions I received while driving through Ireland were as follows, and I quote, "You see that road down there? Well, don't take that one; it will do you no good!" Take the road less traveled; you'll see more (besides, in Ireland, when you take a wrong turn, there's no such thing as going around the block to correct the wrong turn. But you see so much more of the untouristed countryside that way!!)

Morocco: Every American should visit Tangier, Morocco, to realize what a cushy, easy, materialistic life they have. We are so consumer-oriented compared to people who have next to nothing. We really do not need as much as we think we need.

East Germany: Berlin and the former East Block countries were an eye-opener. The giant Soviet bear fell, along with the wall (as well as many humans trying to get out of the German gulag: to see the crosses at the barbed wire wall at the Reichstag was intense. Auschwitz was even worse.)

Rudy, there is a lot of beauty (and evil) in the world, and I've discovered a lot of it. Traveling has provided many lessons. St. Augustine said, "Life is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page." Knowledge is a personal journey; learning is a lifelong quest.




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