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This Thanksgiving a lot of people are skittish about flying. But, even in light of the tragic crashes and deeply cut flight schedules, Americans will still be traveling-by air, by bus, by car - to share the season's feast with good friends and family. Hosting folks from far away can be a strain. There's not just the hustle of putting on a day-long, perfect meal-visitors are usually bunking in for four days.

It's at times like these that we turn to one of our regular contributors, Mary Lou Weisman. If you've heard Mary Lou's dry-wit post cards, you understand why we rely on her for travel etiquette. And Mary Lou says that Thanksgiving travel etiquette is all about entertaining. This year, her son's new in-laws are all descending upon her home. That would cause anxiety for any of us, but Mary Lou is going all out to meet the challenge. She's bought a new dining room table, chairs, and china - and that's just her first move. She's even inventing new names for these people.

Thanksgiving Travel Etiquette

With Mary Lou Weisman, 11/16/2001

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