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I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   I A N   J A C K

The American habit of arriving at an airport just minutes before a flight and rushing onto the plane as the gate closes seems a thing of the past. And a number of foreigners have pointed out over the last three weeks that the other travelers of the world years ago got used to patiently waiting for bag checks, showing ID's multiple times, and being subjected to body searches. We turn to a Brit today, not just for that foreign perspective because he lives in a city with a history of terrorist bombing, but also because he's an award-winning travel writer. He is, in fact, currently editor of Granta, a literary magazine that showcases some of the best travel writers in the business.

I talked to Ian Jack in London about the changes in future travel, the continued value of travel, and, because he's written extensively about the Titanic, we started off talking about how that travel disaster rocked the world almost a hundred years ago.

Interview: Ian Jack


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You can check out Ian Jack's magazine at www.granta.com.

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