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Predictions are that Americans may curtail international trips over the next six months to a year, and discover areas of our own country they've always been curious about. We actually started on this domestic journey back in the summer but we detoured, due to obvious reasons. And, ironically, this story is somewhat about detours. And it's certainly about a past long gone by.

If you're thinking about an Americana trip, take a listen to this next story from reporter Barrett Golding who just biked a significant section of the old Lewis and Clark trail. It's a timely adventure. Takes you back two centuries and fills you with the sense of wonder the explorers were feeling about this land of ours - a fitting story as lot of us are driving around with the stars and stripes billowing from our car windows.

Biking With Lewis and Clark - Part IV

By Barrett Golding, 10/5/2001

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Savvy Resources:

The "Great Pains and Accuracy" Tour is named after Jefferson's 1803 instructions to Lewis: "Your observations are to be taken with great pains and accuracy, to be entered distinctly and intelligibly, for others as well as yourself."

This show comes from HearingVoices.com, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The website for our bike/mic trip: http://www.hearingvoices.com/trail/.

There's also a discussion board dedicated to the project at: http://ranger78.webcrossing.com/WebX?50@225.lkgwaiJoaWP^3@.ee80d1b.

An excellent web site is "Discovering Lewis and Clark": http://www.lewis-clark.org.

You can find other pieces in the "Biking With Lewis and Clark" series at:

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