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National Poetry Month

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The Academy of American Poets If you've been tuning in the last few weeks, you know we've been celebrating National Poetry Month by hearing travel poetry written by our listeners. Thanks to all of you who submitted travel poems...and feel free to continue doing so. We'll continue posting 'em as long as you keep sending them.

Travel Poems
submitted by Savvy Traveler listeners

In an Airport Lounge by Michael Battram - Aired April 10

The Beach at Wilderness, South Africa by Al Crabb - Aired April 17

On Returning Home From Vacation to Find Dirty Laundry in the Hallway by Peyton Wolcott - Aired April 24

This is a Morning That is Good by Bill Snyder, Fargo, North Dakota

For Myo Myo: Horsecart Driver Number 142 by by Willa Schneberg, Portland, Oregon

Fall Trip by Laura Witsenhausen, Los Angeles, California

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  • The Academy of American Poets, sponsors of National Poetry Month http://www.poets.org/npm/npmfrmst.htm
  • The Favorite Poem Project http://www.favoritepoem.org/

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