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Struck by Cupid's Arrow?: Interview with Janet Krebs

Struck by Cupid's Arrow?
Interview with Janet Krebs

Listen with RealAudio: The Honeymoon

Wedding Ring Struck by Cupid's arrow? If you'll be tying the knot in the month's ahead, there's probably a honeymoon in your future. Janet Krebs, a travel consultant in Nashville, specializes in weddings and honeymoons. She recently arranged a wedding for 100 at a romantic inn in Jamaica. That wedding will be featured in Bride Magazine's 50th anniversary issue in May.

Shipboard "Intimacy"

If you're considering a cruise for your honeymoon, you might be interested in a recent survey by Porthole magazine asking cruisers about their favorite spots for on-board intimacy. So here's the top ten suggestions...or places to avoid...depending how you look at it.

  1. In the cabin...boring.
  2. By the pool.
  3. In a lifeboat...now things are getting interesting.
  4. At the disco.
  5. At the casino.
  6. In the hot tub.
  7. By the smokestack.
  8. At the cabin veranda.
  9. In the gym.

    Last, and quite possibly least,

  10. In the galley.

Some other unusual answers included an empty kid's playroom...glad they stressed the empty part....a glass elevator and, I guess this could be considered healthy....the ship's infirmary.


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