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Traveling the Underground Railroad:  An Interview with Anthony Cohen

Traveling the Underground Railroad:
An Interview with Anthony Cohen

Listen with RealAudio: Traveling the Underground Railroad

Tony Cohen This year, as we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it's important to remember that it was not until after the Civil War that African Americans were allowed to travel freely in many parts of this country. But the desire for freedom was so strong that many slaves risked their lives to find freedom in the North.

They traveled along a series of trails known as the Underground Railroad - a secret network set up by abolitionists to help slaves escape to free states and Canada. The National Park Service estimates that more than 100,000 slaves gained their freedom on this route. Historian Anthony Cohen gained a sense of what the trip to the North may have been like after he followed an Underground Railroad route from Memphis to Canada.

Tune in Monday, January 18 for an audio clip of this interview and find out how Anthony prepared for this introspective journey.

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