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Interview with Michael Feldman

Michael Feldman: an interview

Listen with RealAudio: MIchael Feldman

Some of you regular listeners know that I took a great trip last summer to France. Two actually -- one along the rivers of southern France, the other on the Riviera, to St. Tropez. But, you know, they weren't all that great.

And so I started thinking: "Where else could I go that has... great cheese?" Then, I got it: Wisconsin. And who knows Wisconsin better than my friend Michael Feldman, the star of that great show, Whad'Ya Know?

Tune in Tuesday, October 13 to hear an audio clip of this interview, when Michael Feldman reveals all about the people, the cheese, and the fun to be had in Wisconsin.

And for those of you who just have to know more about Michael Feldman and his program, Whad'Ya Know?, why not check out the Web site that tells all:

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